Analysis of cannabis
galenic preparations

Titration of galenic cannabis preparations


Since 2016, in Italy, clinicians can prescribe cannabis-based galenic preparation to be taken as decoction or by inalhating it with the specific spray.

Furthermore, since 2013 cannabis preparations are prescribed due to reduce the painful spasm associated with multiple sclerosis.

This service has been set up in order to observe the actual regulations in force concerning the narcotics and their titration. In particular, we refer to the DPR 309/90 and DM del 9 novembre 2015.


How to: analysis of cannabis medical

Il cliente interessato all’analisi dei cannabinoidi dovrà:


Fill out and sign the supply contract and send it to this mail address

We will countersign this document and we will give you the CUSTOMER CODE that you must use during the compilation of the order form and the accompanying document.


Fill out and sign the  order form  indicating the quantity and type of your request. Send this file to the address


Fill out and sign the accompanying document that you have to send in original with the samples you want to analyse.

The recommended sample volume is 0.2 millilitres (200 µL [microlitre]) for each preparation. Please pick up the sample with a high precision equipment (for example: micro pipette, graduated syringe) and transfer it in a amber colored glass case.

CoQua Lab provides practical amber colored vials equipped with screw cap with o-ring  in order to avoid the leakage of the sample.

These vials are supplied with pre-printed labels reporting your CUSTOMER CODE.

Packets and costs are:

20 vials: 8,00 € 

50 vials: 17,50 €

100 vials:  30,00 €

I prezzi sono IVA esclusa e ad essi vanno aggiunti i costi di spedizione.

   You have to clearly identify your samples with a unique code and send them to our laboratory using a trackable carrier.

   It is essential that the accompanying document is fully compiled in every part and signed by the owner. Otherwise the samples will be not analysed.

   The pharmacist must indicate in the specific loading/unloading register the amount of the sample sent with the note: sample sent for analysis”

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