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Cannabis & beauty

Cannabis & beauty Among the countless applications of hemp (Cannabis Sativa) of particular interest is its use in cosmetics. Thanks to its beneficial properties, hemp

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This space is born from the desire of our team and its collaborators to stay up to date on the news in the scientific field (and not only) related to the main areas of interest of the activities developed within our company.

Cannabis for medical use

Our staff interfaces daily with different pharmacies throughout the country by performing for them the titration of masterful preparations in order to ascertain the level of THC and CBD contained in them. The aim of this space is to provide updates of both technical and legislative nature in the field of medical cannabis, opening our spaces also to comparison with experts in the field.

Science at 360°

“Science intimidates only those who do not know it”.

So the Nobel Prize winner for medicine Rita Levi Montalcini responded in 2001 to those who asked her why science often frightened the public.

Following in the footsteps of this great woman, with our space we would like to make a small contribution to the dissemination of scientific discoveries, recent and not, so that even the “non-experts” can take part in the infinite world of Sciences.