Development and validation
of analytical methods

We offer a wide range of analytical method development and validation services

CoQua Lab has a wide experience in analytical methods development using forefront laboratory instruments, such as: UHPLC/MS-MS, HPLC/MS-MS, HPLC-MS, HPLC-UV. In  the biological area, we use molecular techniques such ELISA for the detection and quantification of clinical interest proteins, and RT-PCR for the pharmacogenetic diagnosis.

We provide a broad range of analytical services in development and validation of methods directed  to companies belonging to various sectors: food industry, cosmetic and clinical-pharmaceutical. We plan the best solutions according to customers’ needs.

A primary goal for the proper and reproducible determination of molecules of interest (in order to quantify them in routine analysis) is the process of development and validation of new analytical methods.

Chemist or scientist changing a column on high performance liquid chromatography HPLC for separation organic compounds. Analytical chemistry laboratory. Analyzing process

Methods for the search of analytes in different matrices

Our staff aims to answer to the requests and needs of the customers, using precise tests to single out new molecules in different matrices. New methodologies can be quickly developed basing them on predetermined protocols; in this way we can guarantee/verify the performance of the method by assessing LOD, LOQ, range and scope.

CoQua Lab validates chromatographic methods according to FDA and EMA guidelines. We offer a partially or complete validation and the possibility to re-validate existing methods, giving all the documentation needed. The validation process can also be realized according to ISO 13485: in this way your diagnostic tool can be branded CE-IVD. Our staff has developed numerous methods for the investigation of analytes in different matrices: urine, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, chemical and food related matrices.

This asset aims to control the products stability, assuring quality, affordability and expand the application of the developed methods to different biological or not matrices.

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