We need 0.2 mL (200µL - microlitre - ) of the sample for the analysis. 

   The sample should be stored in a well closed package, preferably amber colored.

   Please do not use syringes or packages that are too big for the sample volume because they could disperse the oil. 

   CoQua Lab provides practical amber colored vials equipped with screw cap with o-ring  in order to avoid the leakage of the sample.

   These vials are supplied with pre-printed labels reporting your CUSTOMER CODE.

Packets and costs are:

20 vials: 8,00 € 

50 vials: 17,50 €

100 vials:  30,00 €

If you want to buy the vials please fill out the form indicating type and quantity of the product.

CoQua Lab dedicates 2 days for the cannabis oil titration: TUESDAY and THURSDAY.

If you want your sample be analysed in one of these days, please send it to our laboratory before 3:00 p.m. 

If your analysis request was the THC-1, the COA will report only THC and CBD values.

If you want to know also the THCA, CBDA and CBN values you have to require the THC-2 option in the order form.

You can find the cost f the analysis in the order form; please contact us if you have other questions.


Yes it is. Normally we perform the analysis on the dried sample because the THC reference values refer to dried samples.

If you intend to send us the dried sample, 5 grams are enough. If instead your sample is fresh and you want it to be analysed without any treatment (drying), let send us 10/15 grams of it.

If you have to analyse a liquid sample, we need 10 mL. Please put your sample in a dropper or any other glass container.

Yes. Cannabinoids concentrate on dry sample because the humidity is lower. The sample you send to the laboratory have to be the most representative of the product you are going to sell.

It is important to specify in the order form if we have to analyse your sample fresh or we have to dry it in the oven.

Put your samples in a closed pack, preferably protected by the light.

If your sample is liquid or semi-solid, put it in a closed container with a screw cap.

If the sample is fresh, put it in a paper pack in order to avoid the formation of mould.

Sampling is your responsibility and the sample must be representative of the starting lot. To date, there are no official guidelines for sampling. The checks by judicial authorities are carried out by taking the apical tops ("1/3 upper"), not from the perimeter side, and then the samples are dried for 24h at a temperature below 70 ° C eliminating stems, branches and seeds.

The hemp plant does not produce itself the cannabinoid THC, but its THCA acid precursor. THCA is transformed (a process known as decarboxylation) into THC.

The legal values ​​refer to THC, but they refer implicitly to the TOTAL THC, given by the sum of the THC and the THCA. To obtain total THC the following formula is applied: THC + (THCA * 0.877).

Yes, for information on active promotions and / or discounts on analyzes, fill out the form by clicking here or write us at info@coqualab.it