CoQua Lab s.r.l.
(Compound Quantification Laboratory)
The CoQua Lab was born as an academic spin-off of the University of Turin and performs chemical analysis
specializing in research and development of new analytical methods.
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Analysis of cannabis
galenic preparations
Our laboratory offers pharmacies the service of titration of galenic preparations based on cannabis
(e.g. cannabis oil) as required by the DM of 09/11/2015.
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Development and validation
of analytical methods
The team of specialists at CoQua Lab can support companies or research entities in the
development and validation of new analytical methods.
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Industrial hemp analysis
Analysis of the main cannabinoids in the inflorescences of industrial cannabis,
also known as «Cannabis Light» and in the various food extracts or derivatives.
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CoQua Lab provides a meeting room suitable for small (max 50 people)
medical conferences and/or theoretical or practical courses.
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Laboratorio CoQua Lab
Il laboratorio CoQua Lab nasce come spin-off accademico dell'Università di Torino ed effettua analisi chimiche specializzandosi
nella ricerca e sviluppo di nuove metodiche analitiche
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Titolazione di preparazioni galeniche a base di cannabis
Il nostro laboratorio offre alle farmacie il servizio di titolazione dei preparati galenici a base di cannabis (es. olio di cannabis) come richiesto dal DM del 09/11/2015.
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Sviluppo e validazione metodi analitici
Il team di specialisti di CoQua Lab può supportare le aziende o enti di ricerca nelle fasi di sviluppo e validazione di nuovi metodi analitici.
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Analisi canapa e derivati
Analisi dei principali cannabinoidi nelle infiorescenze di canapa industriale, nota anche come «Cannabis Light» e nei vari estratti o derivati alimentari.
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Come lavoriamo

Many years of experience

Excellent staff

Since 2015

Innovative startup

Founded as an academic spin-off of the University of Turin

Mobile phase solvents on the HPLC system for separation of organic compounds in chemical or pharmaceutical laboratory
our mission

Development of new analytical methods and diagnostic kits

Development of new analytical methods and diagnostic kit (CE-IVD) due to quantify molecules and biomarkers in biological samples. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). Customer satisfaction.  

Titration of galenic cannabis preparations

The company consists of professionals in the chemical-pharmaceutical R&D sector. With passion, dedication and great professionalism, every employee is committed every day to the search for new solutions on behalf of external clients, according to current regulations. Our group consists of young, dynamic and motivated people, who guarantee reliability and answers to all your requests.

Our Vision

CoQua Lab aims to be a centre for the therapeutic monitoring, interfacing with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Many years of experience

Personalization of therapy


Our Certifications


What we do

Development and validation of analytical methods

We offer a wide range of analytical and method development services dedicated to industries from different fields.

Industrial hemp

Our ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory performs analysis of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, THCA, CBDA and CBN).

Analysis of cannabis
galenic preparations

In Italy doctors can prescribe cannabis based magistral preparations, to be taken decoction or inhalation.


Pharmacogenetic analysis for the personalization of therapy on a patient’s genetic basis.

Clinical trial

Technical support and advice to companies interested in Phase I, II and III clinical trials.

Stability test

Evaluation of the degree of purity and stability of medicinal products and comparison of bioequivalence.

Meetings organization

CoQua Lab provides a large meeting room, ideal for the organization of lessons and courses in the health field and beyond.

Therapeutic drug monitoring TDM

Service of quantification of drugs on different classes of molecules, developing "ad hoc" methods on request.

Take a look at the products

Discover tests for COVID – 19 or chromatography kits.

Hemp analysis
e derivatives

Analysis of the main cannabinoids in industrial hemp inflorescences, also known as «Cannabis Light» and in various extracts or food derivatives.


News & Articoli

Scopri la sezione dedicata ad approfondimenti e notizie.

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Lab opening hours

Lab: mon – fri: 09 – 17

Acceptance of samples: mon – fri: 09 – 15

Closed on saturdays and sundays.