Correlations between genetic characteristics and response to therapy

The inter-individual variability of the drug level could underpin a therapeutic failure and it may be caused both by environmental factors (diet, other drugs) and by genetic factors: they can alter the normal activity of enzymes that are involved in the metabolism and diffusion of the drugs.
Furthermore, different genetic polymorphisms can be responsible for drug toxicity that is the cause of possible side effects.

Pharmacogenetic studies are performed in order to select target genes, identify specific SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and analyze the different genetic distribution in various ethnic groups. On the other hand, pharmacogenetic tests are useful for the study correlation between genetic and the clinic.

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The available tests

These tests are available for a limited range of drugs. In particular, our laboratory performs pharmacogenetic tests for the characterization of gene polymorphisms involved in the metabolism and absorption of anti-HCV, anti-HIV drugs and interleukins.

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