Quality Policy Turin, March 15, 2024

CoQua Lab s.r.l. (Compound Quantification Laboratory) is an innovative startup founded in 2015 as an academic spin-off from the University of Turin. It develops analytical methods and diagnostic kits in the medical field. The extensive experience of the founding partners in clinical pharmacology research and personalized therapy analysis has given rise to the CoQua Lab project, a research and development laboratory serving medical research.

The company is composed of professionals in the chemical-pharmaceutical R&D sector who, with passion and dedication, engage in research for external clients in accordance with current regulations. Since the inception of CoQua Lab, the partners have focused their energies on consolidating the laboratory’s organization in terms of both human and instrumental resources. They have set forth a series of objectives summarized below to pursue in the coming years:

  1. Acquire and maintain UNI EN ISO 9001 certification through the development of a lean, high-performing management system supported by tailor-made software.
  2. Confirm its position as a reference center for cannabinoid quantification in cannabis-based products, both in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors (legal light cannabis).
  3. Quantify molecules based on scientific, economic, and/or partnership collaborations, including the development and production of chromatographic kits.
  4. Confirm and expand collaboration strategies with external entities, companies, and/or laboratories, including at the international level.
  5. Train students from various degree courses and doctoral and specialization programs affiliated with the Clinical Pharmacology partner laboratory of Amedeo Di Savoia Hospital, providing them with knowledge to facilitate their entry into the workforce (structuring the most deserving ones within the laboratory).
  6. Ensure an adequate and reliable supplier base.
  7. Respond to external quality controls (VEQ) correctly and be “certified” for monitored drugs/molecules.
  8. Meet customer needs by providing services and products that conform to their requests and expectations.
  9. Utilize state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, subjecting them to systematic maintenance and calibration processes to ensure their efficiency.
  10. Disseminate the quality policy to external stakeholders through updated publication on the website.

These objectives can be pursued through the use of targeted organizational tools, such as:

  • Fundraising through project presentations to entities such as the Region, European Community, and/or private entities.
  • Publicize our activities through the website and participation in fairs, seminars, and congresses.
  • Collaborate in clinical studies (including Phase 1) with pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies, and/or other research centers.
  • Strengthen commercial interaction with the University Pharmacology Laboratory of Amedeo Di Savoia Hospital through the renewal of the agreement.
  • Create a flexible and efficient organizational structure with increasingly trained technical personnel and state-of-the-art equipment capable of responding to the various requests that may come to our laboratory, enhancing business activities.
  • Study quality improvement plans that define specific activities, responsibilities, and related timelines for each established objective;
  • Initiate a widespread process of awareness, training, education, involvement, and accountability of individuals through meetings and sharing of strategies so that the objectives to be achieved and achieved are a source of satisfaction for all laboratory members;
  • All objectives must be achieved in compliance with applicable scientific regulations. The Management, aware of the commitment required of the entire laboratory to achieve the set goals but equally confident that no one will fail, guarantees the necessary support both in terms of participation and in terms of appropriate investments.

Director Dr. Marco Simiele